SOLC Day 6

Today was suprisingly chill but if you know me in real life i’m actually chill most of the time but like I said my day was chill and I watched a movie in 6-7 period.

SOLC DAY 5 Album Review Big Sean -I decided

This new album by Big Sean called I Decided is FIRE with two hits No favors and Bounce back.                                                                                           I highly recommend this album if you are a fan of hip/hop its out on pretty much every music sight and I personally rate the album 10/10                                                                                                Song list                                                                         


I was chased by a furry little savage called a chihuahua while I was playing soccer.It all started while I was shooting penalty shots with my friend and out of the corner of my eye it appeared.The chihuahua slowly started coming my direction and when it got within 10 yards of me I bolted running for my life.I could feel its paws on the back of my legs as I tried to escape but I knew I had to do something but I didn’t see a curb and fell and the furry little savage jumped on me but I pushed it off and got up and ran but it kept chasing me until I jumped a fence And it stop chasing me.Now I do like dogs but I hate chihuahua’s and for some reason they hate me to.


I was singing in science class with my headphones on having not a care in the world and all of a sudden I look over and I see someone on  snapchat recording me.My heart dropped then the person recording me “i’m going to show your girlfriend” full of panic when the bell rang I ran to my girlfriend but I was to late she had already seen the video.

SOLC Day 2 Shoes

The Jordan OvO 12s are by far the best looking Jordan’s I have ever seen in my life,I have ever seen in my life the white and gold go hand n hand with the creamy colored leather.These shoes released on October 1st 2016 and they are not easy to find and they sell for $225 in American currency                                                                                         

SOLC Prank war

My girlfriend pranked me today and I have to admit it was a good prank.But first I will take you guys back one week so you can understand how this got started.I was sitting in 1st period when I had the bright idea of pranking my girlfriend but i must admit she is not one to prank,I got the idea of pranking my girlfriend but I had nothing to prank her with so 6th period came around and we were in the library making stuff for a project.Me and my partner got the idea to make play dough and i saved some of it,after the bell rang and school ended and i went up to her and said IM BREAKING UP WITH YOU,and took the play dough and stuck it to her face.She got mad but she calmed down.So today she got me back by going to hug me and putting a giant hand full of lotion on my face.But dont worry I will get her back,until next time.PEACE HOMIES