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SOLC 18 Shoes

We all love shoes alot of people ask me what are my favorite shoes and it’s been hard to choose but my favorite shoes are vans mainly because of all the variety and colors that are available plus they are not even that expensive plus they last a while.


UEFA champions league is coming to an end as we are now in the quarter final the teams  are  Fc Barcelona,Real Madrid,Atletico Madrid,Monaco,Dortmund,Bayern Munich,Juventus,and leicester City I’m hoping that Fc Barcelona wins because they are my favorite team but they have to play Juventus  they are one of the top soccer clubs in Europe as of right now and that scares me the most but Barcelona has time because they don’t play until April 11.

SOLC 13 Bucket list

The things I have on my bucket list are go to France, go to a Fc Barcelona game live, go skydiving one day, marry the love of my life, go to 30 concerts, meet Neymar jr.Well those sure the things I plan to do before I die.

SOLC 10 Redemtion

Good news the Chicago Bulls have  overcome their loss in overtime to  the Toronto Raptors 120-122 and beat the Detroit Pistons 117-95 at the United canter in Chicago,Illinois.The amazing thing about the win was that they did it without Dwayne wade who is  a key asset to the team.

SOLC 9 March madness

The Ncaa tournament just upset me all my teams lost and I was devastated and wanted to cry but all my uncles and cousins were around and I didn’t want to look like a little girl.

SOLC 8 Top 5 favourite music atrists

1.)Yung simmie Because his rap style is so unique                                                                            2.)Denzel curry wonderful flow                                                                                                            3.)Drake everyone loves drake                                                                                                              4.)Tory lanes good to vibe to                                                                                                                   5.)xavier wulf he speakes his mind

SOLC 7 History has been made

Yesterday Fc Barcelona made history against Paris saint-germain when Barcelona came back and beat Paris saint-germain 6-1.what makes this so great is they were under a two goal deficent when Paris saint-germain beat Barcelona 4-0 in the first match but Barcelona kept fighting and against all odds came back and won